Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Preparing for your Family Portrait

There are a few things you should consider before your photography session. The following are just suggestions you may choose to follow, but there are no hard or fast rules.

Color coordinating your family always looks good in photographs. You don’t need to match entirely, but try to avoid clashing patterns or colors. This works best if you all choose clothes from a single color range.

For pants and skirts, darker works better than lighter ones, which distract from your face. Longer skirts work better than short ones for the same reason. Wearing long sleeves can be more flattering as bare arms can distract attention away from your face. Try to avoid shirts with logos or brand names.

I’ve found that solid colors or plain or subtle patterns work better than decorative prints and patterns, and go out of style less quickly. Avoid bright reds and orange (they’ll battle with your face for attention). If you have a group of family portrait, everyone should wear complementary colors. The outfits don’t have to be identical or all the same color to look good; however, you don’t want everyone in light blue and one person in bright red. (Unless that person is the focus of your photo, ie; a newborn)

What to bring:

  • Wardrobe choices – Think about the images you want on your wall.
  •  A brush or comb
  • Consider your hairstyling and cosmetics needs. Women can enhance their portrait with the proper application of makeup, but don’t use too much and only where it is deemed necessary.
  • This is an opportunity to dress your children to look as cute and beautiful as they can, or you are welcome to choose a simple casual look. Some people like to take the opportunity to do both.
  • Hats, necklaces, ponchos and accessories can look fantastic in photos, so please feel free to bring these along with you.
  • Please also bring a snack for children, a drink and one or two of your children’s favorite toys.
  • Any significant possessions that might help tell a personal or family story.

Children’s Portraits:

Children look great whether they are sparkling clean or have cake smeared on their faces. The best advice that can be given is to let children be themselves. I always try to photograph children laughing and making silly faces, as well as with more serious expressions. That not only ensures getting some dramatic and often humorous photos, but it is often the way to get those angelic photos parents love most.

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